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Corporate Name
  Katayama Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1130 Nishiwaki Nishiwaki City,
Hyogo Prefecture, Japan zip 677-0015
PHONE:+81-795-22-2613 FAX:+81-795-23-6007
President Katayama, Yasuko
Year of Establishment found:1913 1950
Capital 10 million Japanese Yen
Web Site URL http://www.katayama-s.co.jp/

We are an exclusive developer & distributor of textile-machines.

We supply original textile-machines (including secondhand machine) and parts in Japan and export ,and have maintenance factory .
In our factory we maintenance and change specifications (for example plain shedding to dobby or jacquard).

In our warehouse we management 20,000 items parts(TSUDAKOMA,MURATA MACHINERY, TODO,ISIKAWA,KAMITSU ,YAMADAetc)by computer system.


Revival of world's leading manufacturing center of yarn-dyed textile (Banshu-brocade)

Katamaya is the established trading company of weaving machines since 1913 in the manufacturing center of Banshu-brocade which has 200 years of tradition. Recently, the manufacturing center was hard hit by low-price imported products and was depressed due to drastic decline of production. To survive, under the circumstance, "high-mix low-volume production system" was urgently required to differentiate from imported products by high-value added products.

Technology development of world's first
"high-mix low-volume production system"

In traditional textile manufacturing sites, the warping had to be prepared for each colored pattern whenever the colored pattern changed. Accordingly the system needed too much cost and a lot of time to make "high-mix low-volume production " according to the diversification of consumer needs, and it was the major issue of the manufacturing center. Based on the needs of the manufacturing sites, it succeeded in the development of creative and innovative control machine capable of winding&knotting 9 different-colored yarns into a thread by reeling stretch warps in uniform length.

Improvement of international competitiveness

The excellent development helps to exclude replacing works of warps and reduce cost by using remaining warp-yarns, and develop new products with design performance. So, it improves the international competitiveness. As the result of those efforts, it received Prime Minister's Prize of 1st Japan Manufacturing Award in 2005.

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 1130-6 Nishiwaki Nishiwaki-City Hyogo-Perf. JAPAN
  PHONE:0795-22-2613 FAX:0795-23-6007
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